A strategic investment at a key moment can make a major impact


We want new churches to flourish in their communities now and for generations to come.


We raise and distribute funding for church planting residencies and new church facilities for Black leaders.


What sparked the Rise Fund? How is it uplifting leaders? Hear directly from leaders themselves, and discover how your partnership can lead to big impact.

We know we can’t do everything to address injustices, but we can do something.

Brent Storms

I am a living witness to the power of empowerment. I've seen it first-hand in my own family.

Jordan Rice


Jesus exhorted his followers to be the kind of people who rush to uplift those in need (Luke 14:5ff), and he warned against being concerned with our faith’s finer points while neglecting its fundamentals (Matthew 23:23).

As a funding organization, we work to help close the all-too-frequent opportunity gap confronting Black church planting leaders, and we are motivated and guided by these core convictions:

Status Quo

Black individuals, families, and communities have been economically disadvantaged by institutionalized racism in America.


Predominately white churches in America have too often been passive or complicit in policies that contributed to a generational racial wealth gap.


Throughout the Bible, the pursuit of justice includes restorative actions to address past wrongs.


In God’s redemptive plan, doing justice precedes and leads to reconciliation.


A strategic investment at a key moment can make a major impact.


Our Grant Team is made up of church leaders who are plugged into communities and networks around the country. Together, they discern the best opportunities for Rise Fund grants.


The Rise Fund began when church planting leaders began to recognize the same need and the same opportunity at the same time. With their initial funding, the Rise Fund launched and began grant distribution in 2021.

Does your organization want to participate? We would welcome other partners to join equally with us.


Your partnership can help to uplift Black church planting leaders

Do you know a person, church, or organization that would interested in joining in this mission? We’d love to have a conversation with you, or you can donate now: